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Advanced Configuration is located in the Personator Component under File > Advanced Configuration.

Melissa Data Cloud

For Melissa Data Cloud processing, you need the License Key issued to you by your sales representative. The other settings on this part of the Advanced Configuration screen should not be changed unless you are specifically directed to do so by Melissa Data Technical Support.

After entering the License Key, click the Show Details button at the bottom of this screen to verify that the License Key was entered correctly.

SSIS PR Advanced Cloud.png

The following items should only be altered if directed by Melissa Data's support staff.

Use Proxy
If your network uses a Proxy Server, check this box and enter the Proxy information below.
Proxy URL
If your network uses a Proxy Server, enter the Proxy URL information on this field in order for the Personator Component to communicate with the Melissa Data Cloud. The format is "URL:port".
User Name
The user name for your Proxy Server, if any.
The password for your Proxy Server, if any.
Enable Compression
Check this to enable GZip compression. This can have up to a 10% increase in speed.
Maximum Threads
Specify the number of simultaneous requests to be sent to the Melissa Data Cloud Services to run in parallel.
Maximum Transaction Size
Specify the number of records to be sent to the Melissa Data Cloud per request.
Request Timeout
Specify the number of seconds for the Personator Component to wait before timing out. Some requests may experience connection lag or timeouts due to network problems.
Number of Retries
Specify the number of times the Personator Component should re-send a request to the Melissa Data Cloud due to any exceptions.
Abort on Critical Error
Will abort the process, in event of critical errors related to the Component such as the Web service code WSE00; Unexpected Error-Please Retry.

Test Configuration (Cloud)

Either the version number or build number will assist Melissa Data Technical Support in determining if you have the latest software installed on your system.

SSIS PR Advanced Cloud Test.png

Personator SSIS Component Info

Displays the current SSIS component version.
Build Number
Displays the current development release build number of the Personator Component for SSIS. This is usually a three or four-character string.
License Expiration
Displays the date the License Key expires.

Personator Web Service Info

Service Response
Displays the Web Service response status with the number of retries and seconds to connect.
This box displays the version number of the Personator Web Service.