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The input tab configures the fields that will be used for the Personator Component. Existing field names can be selected using the drop-down boxes. New field names can be created by typing the name into the box.

SSIS PR Input.png

Apply Free Form
Check this option to use the Free Form input.

Free Form

Free Form
Enter the whole address as one line, and the Personator component will attempt to identify, parse, and reorganize the input data.

Address Fields

Company Name
The company associated with the name/address.
Address Line 1
The first line of street address information. It may also contain secondary address information such as suite and private mailbox numbers.
Address Line 2
The second line of street address information, if any.
The city.
The state.
The postal (ZIP) code.
The country. Personator currently supports the U.S. and Canada.

Melissa Address Key

This is a globally unique and persistent key for the location, even if parts of the address change. When an address is fully validated this field returns a 10-digit proprietary key for the address.
With AddressKey (US and Canada only), if an address zip code changes, the AddressKey would also change. Melissa Address Key (MAK) is independent and will not change. This makes MAK a good way to permanently identify and locate addresses. Once you have a MAK it can be used as an input in most Melissa services and thus is a good tool for deduping.

Name Fields

If parsed First and Last Names are present, Fullname will not be used to verify a record.

Full Name
This field can contain a full name. We will parse and check Names only if the First Name and Last Name fields are left blank.
First Name
The given (First) name. Used for verifying a contact Name against other contact input data types (Address, Phone, etc.).
Last Name
The family (Last) name. Used for verifying a contact Name against other contact input data types (Address, Phone, etc.).

Other Fields

Social Security
The social security number.
The telephone number.
The email address.
IP Address
Retrieve IP Address information
Birth Day
Insert Birth Day DD
Birth Month
Insert Birth Month MM
Birth Year
Insert Birth Year YY