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Personator World Overview

Melissa's Personator World Component is a new ID verification solution makes it easy to check and verify your data in real time. Using trusted reference and national databases, the service can verify a person’s name, address, phone, email, date of birth and national ID. As a cloud web service, it can be integrated into applications and services that need to maintain trust in their data as well as detect and prevent fraud globally such as in shopping/eCommerce platforms or other applications involving financial transactions.

The web service features 2 different selectable actions, each of which is a separate level of subscription:

The Check Action cleans and standardizes your names, addresses, phones and emails. During this stage, the web service validates and determines whether:

  • Name is in a valid format
  • Address is deliverable
  • Email address exists
  • Phone number is callable

The Verify Action takes the standardized name, phone, email and address from the Check Action and performs ID verification. Additional input such as the individuals National ID and date of birth can be verified as well depending on the country. Result codes are returned indicating what matches were found for the given input (address match, email match, last name match, first name match, etc.)