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[[Clean Suite for CRM:Salesforce|← Clean Suite for CRM:Salesforce]]
[[Clean Suite for CRM:Salesforce|← Clean Suite for CRM:Salesforce]]
==Build 2.98==
''Released January 2021''
*Fixed issue for credit based users using <code>GlobalPhoneWSExt</code> throwing error when using multiple mappings.
*Fixes for security risks and vulnerabilities.
==Build 2.94==
==Build 2.94==
''Released May 2020''
''Released May 2020''

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← Clean Suite for CRM:Salesforce

Build 2.98

Released January 2021

  • Fixed issue for credit based users using GlobalPhoneWSExt throwing error when using multiple mappings.
  • Fixes for security risks and vulnerabilities.

Build 2.94

Released May 2020

  • Fixed permission issues for Clean Suite response objects. New installations would have to manually grant access to some of these objects. Now it is part of our Clean Suite rule package.

Build 2.93

Released May 2020

  • Change DML rule handling for upsert commands. Now the engine will try to upsert. If that fails due to a DML violation the engine will now use an insert with DML allowsave. This change should be mostly transparent and have no effect on 99% of our customers. This change will only take effect if you are using DML rules such as Match rules and Duplicate rules.
  • Fix for MD_PropertyV4WSExt bug where records with no FIPS were throwing an exception and forcing abort of result update. Records should now update as expected
  • Fix for salesforce classic bug causing overflow of personator responses into matchup batch results

Build 2.90

Released February 2020

  • Fixed loading error in VisualForce Express Entry

Build 2.89.0

Released November 2019

Compatibility Summary

Clean Suite for Salesforce is fully compatible with Lightning and Salesforce Classic interfaces.

Clean Suite for Salesforce Component

  • Added Lightning Locker Service compatibility to Express Entry lightning component

Build 2.6.3

Released December 2015

  • Added ExpressEntry mobile support for Salesforce.
  • Allow user to process with geocoding up to street level, previously only appended lat/long geopoints (rooftop) was turned on.
  • Allow user to map in more fields to update directly to Salesforce records (demographics, census and county).
  • Workaround for 50k record limit when displaying result code stats.

Build 1.5

Released March 2015

  • Adds batch processing for Global Address Verification and Personator.
  • Notification messages now appear indiciating if a record was validated/standardized to help make sense of the result codes.
  • Improved Express Entry support.
    • Previous versions only supported Contact, Lead and Account Objects. Now Express Entry works within any Salesforce field/form.
  • Demographics
  • Long address format (Ct -> Court, etc.)

Build 1.3

Released October 2014

  • Adds support for additional Salesforce objects (leads & accounts) plus any custom object.
  • Adds support for Global Express Entry – providing address auto completion for over 240 countries & territories.

Build 1.0

Released September 2014

  • Initial Release