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Build 2.89.0

Released November 2019

Compatibility Summary

Clean Suite for Salesforce is fully compatible with Lightning and Salesforce Classic interfaces.

Clean Suite for Salesforce Component

  • Added Lightning Locker Service compatibility to Express Entry lightning component

Build 2.6.3

Released December 2015

  • Added ExpressEntry mobile support for Salesforce.
  • Allow user to process with geocoding up to street level, previously only appended lat/long geopoints (rooftop) was turned on.
  • Allow user to map in more fields to update directly to Salesforce records (demographics, census and county).
  • Workaround for 50k record limit when displaying result code stats.

Build 1.5

Released March 2015

  • Adds batch processing for Global Address Verification and Personator.
  • Notification messages now appear indiciating if a record was validated/standardized to help make sense of the result codes.
  • Improved Express Entry support.
    • Previous versions only supported Contact, Lead and Account Objects. Now Express Entry works within any Salesforce field/form.
  • Demographics
  • Long address format (Ct -> Court, etc.)

Build 1.3

Released October 2014

  • Adds support for additional Salesforce objects (leads & accounts) plus any custom object.
  • Adds support for Global Express Entry – providing address auto completion for over 240 countries & territories.

Build 1.0

Released September 2014

  • Initial Release