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==Batch/Bulk Processing==
==Batch/Bulk Processing==
;Does Listware support batch/bulk processing of records?
;Does Listware support batch/bulk processing of records?
:No, but we do offer other solutions that are more suitable for doing this. These include our components for the SSIS and Contact Zone (Pentaho) ETL environments which enable you to easily batch process records and upsert them back onto Salesforce.
[[Category:Listware for Salesforce]]
[[Category:Listware for Salesforce]]

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Password and License String?

Where is my password and license string?
When you download Listware for Salesforce, an automated email is sent out with your password and license string. Please check your spam email folder and make sure www.melissadata.com is not blocked. If you still cannot find the email, you can email sales@melissadata.com for help from a sales representative.

Credit Usage

How many credits do I get?
When you download Listware for Salesforce, you are given 1,000 free credits which you can use during a free 30-day trial of the app. When you purchase the app, you’ll receive an addition 10,000 credits. To purchase more credits, log in to your Melissa Data account.

Credit System

How does the credit system work?
Every time your process a contact through Listware, a certain number of credits will be consumed based on what results are returned back. To see a breakdown of credit costs, see the link here: [1]

Free Trial

Do you provide a free trial?
Yes. When you install the app, you’ll have the option of trying out the app for 30 days. You’ll be given 1,000 free credits which you can use during that time period. If you decide to keep the app, you can purchase it by the end of the trial.

Advanced Mappings

What does Advanced Mappings do?
Advanced mappings in Listware allows the user to select which fields to use as the mailing address, name, phone and email (input). The user can also specify which fields to get updated (output) when they use the Update functionality within the Personator and Global Address Verification components.

Number of Users

Can other users in my company use Listware?
When you purchase Listware for Salesforce off app exchange, you are granted a site-wide license which will allow your all users within your Salesforce organization to use the app. Simply copy and paste the license string that you have received in your email for each user.

Salesforce Object Support

What Salesforce objects does Listware support?
Listware can work with Contacts, Leads and Accounts. Make sure that you have you source and destination mappings set under the Advanced Mappings tab. Listware can also work with any type of object including custom objects. This requires an Enterprise key to unlock support for custom objects. If needed, get in contact with a sales rep.

Batch/Bulk Processing

Does Listware support batch/bulk processing of records?