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Lightning Lookups provide a one stop shop for quickly storing and displaying the contents of a CleanSuite response. These lookups can be mapped in the Getting Started with Lightning Components page to provide a clear view of the CleanSuite process.


  1. Start by navigating into Salesforce Setup, then head into the Object Manager and select the object you wish to add a Lightning Lookup to.
  2. Select Fields & Relationships and click New
  3. ListwareSalesforce LL 01 - Fields Relationships - Melissa Wiki
    Select New Fields & Relationships
  4. Select Lookup Relationship and click Next
  5. ListwareSalesforce LL 02 - Lookup Relationship - Melissa Wiki
    Select Lookup Relationship
  6. Select the service you wish to get results from in the Related To drop-down. For instance, if you want the personator results, you would choose Clean Suite Personator Result and click Next
  7. ListwareSalesforce LL 03 - Select Service - Melissa Wiki
    Select Service
  8. Choose a Field Name and description if desired. Verify all settings are correct and click Next
  9. ListwareSalesforce LL 04 - Field Name - Melissa Wiki
    Choose a Field Name
  10. Set security settings as required and click Next
  11. ListwareSalesforce LL 05 - Set Security - Melissa Wiki
    Setup Security
  12. Set page layouts as desired and click Next
  13. ListwareSalesforce LL 06 - Set Page Layouts - Melissa Wiki
    Set Page Layouts
  14. Set lists as desired and click Save
  15. ListwareSalesforce LL 07 - Set Lists - Melissa Wiki
    Set Lists
  16. Congratulations! You now successfully added a CleanSuite Response Field! Now navigate to the Clean Suite Advanced Mappings tab to make use of the new field.
  17. Select a previous mapping or create a new one using the Getting Started with Lightning Components guide.
  18. Click the [Object] Lookup Field and select your new custom created Lookup Field.
  19. ListwareSalesforce LL 08 - Select New - Melissa Wiki
    Select New Lookup Field

Best Practices

  • Make sure that the Lookup Field and Mapping use the same Clean Suite Service. For instance, a Personator Lookup should be mapped on a Personator Mapping.
  • Salesforce Objects can have multiple CleanSuite lookups mapped to them. For instance, you may have Global Email, Global Phone, and Personator Lookups all mapped to the Contact object.
  • Lookups can be used to store results without overwriting them. Instead of choosing the Input field as your Output, you can output all results to a lookup. This way your data will never be modified by CleanSuite.