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Quick Actions

Quick actions allow CleanSuite users to quickly process single records on demand in one click of the mouse.

These actions are available for the following CleanSuite services: Personator, BusinessCoder, Global Address, Global Email, and Global Phone.

Set Up

Setting up quick actions is fast and easy.

  1. Start by navigating into Salesforce Setup, then head into the Object Manager and select the object you wish to add a Lightning Quick Action to. In this example we are using the Contact object.
  2. Select Buttons, Links, and Actions and click New Action.
  3. ListwareSalesforce LQA 01 - New Action - Melissa Wiki
    Click New Action
  4. In the Action Type dropdown choose Lightning Component.
  5. In the Lightning Component dropdown set the component as desired. In this example, we are using Personator so we selected MDPERSONATOR:CS_PersonatorAction. Set Label, name, and description as desired. Note that the Label field is how the button will display to your users. Click Save when you are done.
  6. ListwareSalesforce LQA 02 - Setup Component - Melissa Wiki
    Setup the component
  7. Navigate back to the Object Manager and select the object we were working with again. In this example we select Contact because we are working with the Contact Object.
  8. Select Page Layouts and choose the Layout you wish to modify.
  9. ListwareSalesforce LQA 03 - Page Layouts - Melissa Wiki
    Select Page Layouts
  10. In the Layout menu, select the Mobile & Lightning Actions category. Find the button we created in step #4 and drag it into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section as desired. When done, click Save at the top.
  11. ListwareSalesforce LQA 04 - Drag - Melissa Wiki
    Drag to Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions
  12. Navigate to the object we just modified and confirm that our lightning quick action is available.
  13. ListwareSalesforce LQA 05 - Confirm - Melissa Wiki
    Confirm Quick Action