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Transitioning from SmartMover V2b to SmartMover V3

If you are currently using Smartmover V2b, then you must transition to Smartmover V3 by September 30, 2018. With the newer V3 service you should be experiencing faster speeds as well as more frequent cloud service updates.

Transitioning Process

1. Point the request to the V3 endpoint
2. Create requests via the v3 request structure and corresponding format that you would like to use
  • URL GET (supports 1 record per request):
SmartMover V3 REST JSON Example
  • JSON POST (supports 1-100 records per request):
SmartMover V3 JSON Example
  • XML POST (supports 1-100 records per request):
SmartMover V3 XML Example
  • For SOAP, consume the SOAP endpoint above using your respective platform.
3. Send records via request format to respective endpoint, and consume the response that is returned.
  • Total response fields:
SmartMover V3 Response
4. Note the response structure differs from V2b to V3. However most if not all of the fields of V2b will still be available in V3 via different response columns or result codes.

Field Changes

The following fields have changed from V2b to V3:

1. All result code columns have been consolidated into a single column within V3, including:
  • Record Result Codes
  • Address and Address Status Result Codes
  • Move Type Result Codes
  • Zip Code Result Codes
  • Name Result Codes
  • Error Result Codes
2. All result code description columns have been removed. Definitions for result codes can now be found on our wiki.
3. Fields that are now available as result codes in V3
  • Vacant Flag (now AS16)
  • LACS Status and Return Code (now AS13)

Converting from Smartmover V2 to Smartmover V2b

Smartmover V2b is the new version of our change of address web service. From a programming interface perspective, very little actually changed. Most of the improvements and new functionality are internal. This document will outline the major changes and help you migrate your code from using V2 to V2b.

Interface Changes

  1. URL
  2. The old URL was and the new URL is The old service will remain functional until March 31st, 2012. That should give you plenty of time to upgrade your application to use the V2b service.
  3. JobID
  4. A seperate Ticket Web Service ( is no longer used. You can now submit records for NCOA in one call without creating a ticket before processing. Taking the place of a ticket is JobID. In your Smartmover V2b request, enter a JobID to identify that list you are processing. Later when retrieving your reports, you will use this JobID to pull the NCOA and CASS reports for that list.
  5. PAFID
  6. Also added is support for brokerage accounts to Smartmover V2b. If you are a broker, you will get a new PAFID for each individual client under your account. Pass in this PAFID in the request and those records in the request will be identified under that specific client.

Under the Hood

  1. SuiteLink
  2. Smartmover V2b will take advantage of USPS SuiteLink technology. Before attempting to find a move, the service will use the input company name to append any missing business suites. This will help improve coding accuracy.
  3. AddressPlus
  4. Smartmover V2b also uses Melissa Data's proprietary AddressPlus technology. Before attempting to find a move, the service will use the input name to append missing apartment numbers. This will help improve coding accuracy.
  5. Improved threading and parallelism.
  6. Other miscellaneous bug fixes.