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Released November 2010

  • Now puts private mailbox name in PrivateMailBox.Name and private mailbox range in PrivateMailBox.Range instead of swapped.
  • Fixed Vacant flag returning vacancy indicator for the input address of the input address when there is a move, making it seem like the moved to address was vacant.
  • Fixed county name and country code when the input zip code is a Canadian postal code.
  • Smartmover now recognizes nick names when searching for moves for improved move rates.
  • Added a new error code "WSE25= A ticket must be opened with at least 100 records before processing smaller batches of records is allowed". To bring the service into closer compliance of USPS rules for NCOALink, we have implemented the requirement that the first request on a ticket has to be at least 100 records. This change is meant to enforce the main purpose of the SmartMover Web service, for batch processing of mailing lists over 100 records, and not for real time single record processing.


Released August 2009

  • Internal stability and error reporting improvements added.
  • Added new error code WES24 = “Invalid Link” returned if an invalid link to the CASS or the NCOA reports are entered.
  • Added new error code WSC00="Your request could not be processed due to an unexpected internal configuration error. Please contact our sale representative!” This error code indicates an internal error on Melissa Data’s end.


Released June 2009

  • Updated for new CASS Cycle M.
  • Added SuiteLink to append a missing suite if the company and address match USPS suite database.
  • Added additional Move Effective dates to NCOA report
  • Removed 40 character limit on company names.


Released January 2009

  • Added Error Code WSE21=”PAF's Customer does not exist”
  • Minor internal bug fixes


Released April 2008

  • Initial Release