SmartMover V3:Transition From V2b

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If I’m already a smartmover v2b customer what do I need to do to use V3?

All existing smartmover customers should be able to use the V3 service with their current Customer and PAF ID’s. CCOA is an additional purchase and a sales representative will need to activate it for you.

Is there any loss in functionality from V2b to V3?

No, V3 NCOA gives you the same options, data, provides the same reports. CCOA however does not use the options or provide reports.

Do I need to change my code in order to transition from V2b to V3?

Yes, V3 has a new schema for both the request and the response. The result codes have also changed somewhat, refer to the documentation for details.

What are the benefits of switching to SmartMover V3?

V3 has improved performance, able to process millions of records per hour. V3 also contains CCOA so you can track the moves of Canadian customers. V3 also allows you to use REST, XML, or JSON protocols in addition to SOAP.

Can I process American and Canadian records together?

CCOA and NCOA are behind different URL’s so you will need to process Canadian and American records separately.