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Welcome to the Melissa Street Route Cloud API. Street Route Cloud API is a web service for returning the distance (in miles or kilometers) and driving travel time between two sets of Latitude Longitude pairs.

You can use Street Route to:

  • Find the distance and general drive time between two points
  • Create a ‘Find the Nearest Location’ tool. Using a database of ‘known / owner destinations’, Street Route can be used to compare a starting point location to the database to return all the route distances and drive times to the possible destinations, which can be queried by the user to present the shortest distance or travel time to the end user.
  • Determine geolocations which our data sources tell us cannot be reached by vehicle travel. This differentiates Street Route from other distance solutions which return ‘As the crow flies’ distances. Examples are geo points to islands, or rural off road residences.

Street Route is available globally.