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Street Search

Released July 2010

  • Added a new output field to the Street Search Response called “FullAddressLine”. The FullAddressLine property returns the complete full address line suggestion as opposed to individual parsed out components.
For example
With an input of:
31 mac, Santa Ana CA 92707
Street Search would give you a FullAddressLine record of:

Released December 2009

  • WebSmart StreetSearch matches a street name or just a partial street name against a ZIP Code or the City and State and returns any valid street names that match that pattern. This service is used primarily for generating street suggestions for addresses that were not verified by AddressCheck.

Data Quality Web Service Version 2

Released March 2008

New Features
  • DQWS Version 2 is the new and improved implementation of our Web Based Solutions.
  • The Services for the new DQWS are now separated into each of its own interfaces. The following web services are currently available:
    • AddressCheck
    • GeoCoder
    • RBDI
    • IPLocator