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Advanced Settings
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Advanced Settings

License Key
The license key issues to you by Melissa. To receive a license key, please contact your Melissa sales representative at 1-800-MELISSA.
Number of Retries
Specify the number of times a request should be re-sent due to any exceptions.
Timeout in Seconds
Specify the number of seconds to wait before timing out. Some requests may experience connection lag or time-outs due to network problems. Personator will keep waiting for the response until the specified amount of time is elapsed.
Cache Directory
Specify the location of the cache directory.
Batch Request Size (1-100)
Specify the number of records to be sent in a single request. A single request may contain between 1 – 100 records. It is recommended to set this value to 100 for optimal throughput.
Enable the use of multi-threading.
Thread Count (1-10)
Specify the number of simultaneous requests to be sent to run in parallel.
Show Debug Console Output
Check to show the debug console output.