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Personator Navigation
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Basic Settings
Advanced Settings
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The following steps will guide you in the basic usage of Personator.

Add Component

To add Personator Component to your project, drag the component onto the Designer window. This will snap the Personator Component into your workflow space.

TALEND Personator Tutorial Component.png

Connect Input

Select an input file to be your input data. Many formats can be used as Sources, including Excel files, flat files or Access Input data sources.

When Talend asks you, "Do you want to get the schema of the target component", select No. The component will not work if you do not select No!

TALEND Personator Tutorial Source.png

Configure Component

Double click the Personator Component and select the Component tab to bring up the interface.

Basic Settings

Click the Basic Settings button on the sidebar.

Set up the Personator Basic Settings. See Basic Settings.

TALEND Personator Tutorial BasicSettings.png

Advanced Settings

Click the Advanced Settings button on the sidebar.

Set up the Personator Advanced Settings. See Advanced Settings.

TALEND Personator Tutorial AdvancedSettings.png

Connect Output

Add an output file. Connect the respective output filter pin to the output destination.

TALEND Personator Tutorial Output.png

Choose Columns

This step is optional. Select the columns you want to pass-through.

All possible output columns are included in the metadata by default. If you do not wish to pass-through every column, you can remove the columns that are not wanted here.

TALEND Personator Tutorial Passthrough.png

Save Settings

Click File and select Save to save the project.

Run Project

Now, the project is ready to run.

If you receive an out of memory error, please see Jobs Over 1 Million Records for more information on how to correct this error.