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The MelissaDQ Address Object cleanses contact data.

MDQ Address Main.png

Input Fields

MDQ Address Input.png

This section displays the possible inputs for the Address Service. An address and ZIP code are required.

The first address line.
Address 2
The second address line.
The suite number.
The city name.
The state or province name.
Zip/Postal Code
The five-digit ZIP Code, the first five digits of a ZIP+4, or a full nine-digit ZIP+4.
Plus 4
The last four digits of a ZIP+4.
Country Code
The country code.
Urbanization (Puerto Rico)
Only used for addresses in Puerto Rico. This is used to break ties between similar addresses in the same Postal Code.

Output Fields

MDQ Address Output.png

This section displays the possible outputs for the Address Service. Select the on/off toggle to enable/disable the output of a field.

Address Line 1
Address 2
Address Line 2
The city name
The state/province name
Zip/Postal Code
The Zip or postal code.
Country Code
The standard code of the country.
Address Key
Returns a unique key for the current address.
Melissa Address Key
(MAK) A unique key assigned to an address record.
Melissa Address Key Base
A unique key assigned to the base address of a complex with apartments or suites.
Returns the geocoded latitude for the address.
Returns the geocoded longitude for the address.
Address Result Codes
Returned result codes for the address.
GeoCoder Result Codes
Returned result codes for the geocoding portion of the address.

Optional Output Fields

File:MDQ Address OptionalOutput.png

This section displays additional optional output fields you can enable.

Parsed Address Fields
Adds additional parsed fields regarding the address.
Additional Address Fields
Adds fields for parsed data from the address.
Geographic Information
Adds fields for geographic information regarding the address.
Census Details
Adds fields for census information regarding the address.