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There are 4 sections to fill out when configuring LDAP settings on a Unison environment.

LDAP Connection Settings

Unison LDAPConnectionSettings.PNG

1. Host Address
This is the LDAP Host Server address.
2. Host Port
Port on the LDAP Host Server
3. TTL
LDAP time to live. This is the time, in seconds, that the server will store the records before they are revalidated.

LDAP Distinguished Name

Unison LDAPDistinguishedName.PNG

1. Base DN
LDAP Base Distinguished Name. This specifies the domain by using domain components. For example: DC=melissadata,DC=com.
2. User DN
LDAP User Distinguished Name. This specifies the server by using Organizational Unit (OU). For example: OU=mdserver.
3. RDN Key
Relative Distinguished Name. For example: CN=.
4. Admin Group DN
LDAP Admin Group Distinguished Name. This specifies admin group names. For example: OU=AdminGroup1, OU=AdminGroup2.
5. User Group DN
LDAP User Group Distinguished Name. This specifies the user group names. For example: OU=UserGroup1,OU=UserGroup2.

LDAP User Attributes

Unison LDAPUserAttributes.PNG

1. Attribute Username
The username for the account. For example: sAMAccountName=UserName.
2. Attribute First name
The first name associated with the account. For example: givenName=FirstName.
3. Attribute Last name
The last name SN(surname) associated with the account. For example: sn=LastName.
4. Attribute Email
This specifies the email. For example: email=mail@domain.com.


Unison LDAPTest.PNG

In order to enable your LDAP configuration, Unison must first successfully test your settings. Enter the credentials of a user who has sufficient privileges to search the LDAP server for users and click test.