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The MelissaDQ Projects menu has the option to create a New project or view your already created projects under My Projects.

MDQ Projects Menu.png


MDQ Projects New.png

This section will start the guide for setting up a new project. The steps followed are:

Start A New Project

The Start A New Project guide will help you set up your project with a name and select a source.

Name Your Project

MDQ Projects NameProject.png

Give your project a name and click Next. This will then go to the Select a source step.

My Projects

MDQ Projects MyProjects.png

This section displays your already created projects, listing their name, date created, date updated, and date last executed. You can search through your projects by using the text fields under each heading and sort them with the arrows next to each heading.

MDQ Projects MyProjectsContext.png

If you mouse-over a project name a context menu will slide out, allowing you to:

If you click on a project name, it will take you to the Project Configuration section.

Project Configuration

The project configuration screen contains the following sections:


This section displays your inputs. If you do not have any, you will be prompted to Add an Input.

Select a source

MDQ Projects SourceSelect.png
Select a source for your project. This can be either a file or a table.
Once you select a source, you will be sent to the Input File Preview.

Input File Preview

MDQ Projects InputFilePreview.png
This section lets you control your input file settings. You can choose the delimiter and enclosure, select which fields to include, and preview the results. When you are done previewing your input file, click Save.


MDQ Projects Services.png

While configuring the project, you select the service(s) you want to use. For more details on a specific service, see the links below.


Select what kind of output you want.

MDQ Projects OutputConfigurationWrite.png

Write to File

Write your output to a file.

File Settings


Select a filename for your output file.


Select the enclosure to use in the output file.


Select the delimiter to use in the output file.


Select the compression to use on the output file.



Select a pre-built filter for the output. Once you select a filter, you may edit the filter string.

Filter String (edit as needed)

The filter string generated by the selected filter. You may edit this for more control.

Write to Table

Write your output to a table. To do so, you must select a connection under Connection Settings. If there are no connections, create a new connection.

Create a New Connection


Name the connection.


Select a vendor for your connection.


Enter a host IP.


Enter a port for your host.


Enter the name of your database.


Enter the username.


Enter the password.

Output Fields

MDQ Projects OutputFields.png

Select which fields and what order you want them to output. Click the trashcan icon to remove a field, and drag-and-drop to reorder the fields.

Schedule Project Execution

You can choose to schedule your project to run on a specified date, time, and frequency.


Enter a description of your scheduled project execution.


Set a frequency for your scheduled project execution.

Run Now

Run your project now.