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Software Rollback Instructions

In some situations a Unison version upgrade can cause an unsuccessful upgrade, requiring starting from a previous version to fix. If this occurs, you can follow the steps below to rollback to a previous version of Unison you initially installed in your system.

Steps to Rollback Unison Version:

  1. Navigate (cd) to the rollback directory (/work/.rollback).
  2. cd /usr/local/melissa/work/.rollback
  3. Copy the files from the version you want to rollback to into the current file locations.
  4. cp .config.1.2.18 /usr/local/melissa/work
    cp docker-compose.yml.1.2.18 /usr/local/melissa/work/unisonMultiTemplate/docker-compose.yml
    cp docker-compose.base.yml.1.2.18 /usr/local/melissa/work/unisonMultiTemplate/docker-compose.base.yml
  5. Navigate to the work directory (/work).
  6. cd /usr/local/melissa/work
  7. Load the environmental variables necessary to deploy the stack.
  8. for v in $(cat .config); do export $v ;done
  9. Navigate to the stack deployment config directory.
  10. cd /usr/local/melissa/work/unisonMultiTemplate
  11. Make sure the old stack is torn down.
  12. docker stack rm unison
    docker container ls

    (This should show nothing listed.)

  13. Log in to the server you are rolling back.
  14. docker login -u unison -p 9YJxcRTM1yRgz0xJagTw ucr.melissadata.net
  15. Deploy the stack.
  16. docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml --with-registry-auth unison
  17. Ensure the stack has come up
  18. docker service ls

    (All should show 1/1 or 3/3, etc.)