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Whenever there is a new version of Unison software available, follow the steps below to upgrade Unison to a new version.


  1. Download the latest version of Unison into a directory of your choice. In this example we're using our home directory. Use the command wget to get a download link from the command line.
  2. Extract the tar.gz file into its directory (~/unison)
    tar zxvf unison_global-1.2.23.tar.gz
  3. Navigate to the Unison directory.
    cd unison/
    Unison SU St3-Directory.png
  4. Run the install.sh script.
    sudo ./install.sh
  5. Wait for the install to complete (this can take a while).
    Unison SU St5-Install.png
    You'll know it's done when it displays a message like this:
    Unison SU St5p2-InstallMessage.png
  6. Check to see if all services are up and running.
    docker service ls
    Unison SU St6-DockerService.png
  7. Once you've ensured all services are working, then the Unison app has been updated! You can verify this by checking the Version Info in the About section. The version number displayed here should match the version number on the file you downloaded.
    Unison SU St7-AboutVersion.png