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Build 5.005

Released June 2007

  • Integrated into the Melissa Data product line
  • Existing processing issues are not addressed in this version update

Build 5.004

Released September 2003

  • Fixed a problem with program hanging on the splash screen for Windows XP.

Build 5.003

Released September 2001

  • "Mr. John Smith" would upper case to "Mr. JOHN SMITH". Fixed.
  • Program would sometimes crash if /L or /P switches were used.
  • Company Table: Fax shouldn't expand to "Facsimile" (we aren't in the 60's any more).
  • Added "Eds", "Note", and "Toy" to 4 letter word table.
  • Added 600+ entries to the company tables. Many were acronym combinations (such as "LNB Bancorp") that would case properly as long as the user didn't monkey with the 4 letter word table (we're just playing it safe here). New companies on Nasdaq and the NYSE were also added - not a single dot-com! In fact, several companies actually dropped the ".com" from their name.
  • When abbreviating, punctuation was sometimes getting stripped when it wasn't supposed to.
  • Size 20 numeric fields were causing problems for the ASCII exporter.

Build 5.002

Released March 2001

  • Fixed crash in ASCII importer when using the structure of an existing file or appending into an existing file.
  • Adding punctuation could result in a truncation as this type of expansion was not getting checked against the field's size.
  • Added entries like "OBRIEN" to Last Name table - expanding or casing to the corrected entry "O'Brien".
  • Tools | Browse: Added ability to sort by up to four fields. This sort is generally faster than sorting by a dBase expression.
  • Tools | Browse: Added ability to search based on a dBase expression for more concise searches.
  • Tools | Browse: Added "All Fields" to the Search and Replace dialog.

Build 5.001

Released February 2001

  • Fixed bug in expansion logic: expanding “&101 Main Street” would result in a crash.

Build 5.000

Released December 2000

  • Initial Release