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License Code
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The full name of the mailing agent.
The license holder's phone number
Doc. Sender ID

Move Method

Use this setting for no move method.
Ancillary Service
Ancillary Service Endorsements (ASE’s) assist in the delivery of your mail or the update of your mailing list. Undeliverable-as-addressed mail is forwarded, returned to the sender, or treated as dead mail as authorized by that particular mail class.
FAST Forward
FAST is a Postal Service™ initiative that improves the drop shipment and Origin Entry appointment scheduling processes through allocating appointment availability and decreasing dock wait times. FAST is designed to interface with other postal applications and systems to enable ongoing transformation to an environment where the Postal Service and customers have end-to-end visibility of the mail product from entry to delivery.
Use this setting if you have used an NCOALink update service such as Melissa Data’s Smart Mover Web Service, NCOALink update service, or Smart Mover Real-time Update.
Address Change Service under 4.0 is available for First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, and Priority Mail pieces with the ACS participant code for an authorized ACS participant and a valid ancillary service endorsement.
One Code ACS
OneCode ACS lets mailers use the barcode to access the agency's electronic Address Change Service (ACS) to obtain move information in the event that someone relocates after a mail piece has entered the mail stream.
Alt Method
There are two alternative methods. These are only available for First Class Mail.
  • 99 Percent Accurate Method
The 99 Percent Accurate Method test allows mailers, who consider their mailing lists already accurate and/or too sensitive to provide to third parties for processing, to comply with the Move Update requirement by confirming their internal address correction processes meet the USPS 99 Percent standards. Mailers submit their files directly to the USPS for processing and if it is determined that 1% or less of the submitted addresses have a change of address on file, the files are considered Move Update compliant.
  • Legal Restraint
Some mailers claim there is a legal restriction that prevents them from incorporating Postal Service change-of-address (COA) information without direct notification from the addressee.
Use this setting when more than one move update method was used on the current list.
N/A Alternative Address
The date when the current list was subjected to address verification. To ensure the accuracy of move information, the Postage Statement must list the date when the mailing list was processed with a CASS Certified™ address verification software.
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