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To configure Personator, see [[|Dynamics:Personator:Configuration|Configuration]].
To configure Personator, see [[Dynamics:Personator:Configuration|Configuration]].

[[Category:Dynamics CRM]]
[[Category:Dynamics CRM]]
[[Category:Dynamics Personator]]
[[Category:Dynamics Personator]]

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Custom Mapping
Result Codes
Result Codes

Installing Personator

1. Begin by navigating to settings in the top ribbon. First, hover over Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the upper left hand corner; then click Settings in the menu that drops down.

File:Dynamics Personator Installation 01.png
Click Settings in the drop down

2. Hover over the Settings button in the ribbon. Next, click Solutions.

3. Click the Import button.

4. A window will pop-up. Click the Browse or Choose File button.

5. A file explorer window will pop-up. Please locate the plugin .zip file that contains the Personator solution. Click Open and then click Next.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Import.

8. Wait for the solution to finish importing.

9. The installation is now complete.

To configure Personator, see Configuration.