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Deliverability confidence score (DCS) is a single number in the range of 0 to 100. It is a distillation of our well-known granular result codes, representing our confidence and probability that an email sent to the address in question will successfully send.


DCS used to be simply a numerical representation of our pre-existing result codes, intended to be used as a quicker and simpler way to judge an email.

After version, though, we now leverage more historical data related to a given email to further refine this number. These enhancements make DCS even more accurate and dynamic, and there are more such enhancements upcoming.

Knowing that, it is important to note that emails that are syntactically valid and seemingly active do not always have the highest deliverability confidence scores. The same myriad factors that are used to arrive at our result codes, such as the reputation of the email provider and our data on how likely the owner of the email is to report emails as spam, are all still reflected in the DCS.

Using DCS

DCS can significantly simplify the process of deciding whether to send an email to an address. One can partition the 0-100 range into multiple parts, or simply set a single threshold to be used to keep or discard emails.

See the following table for our general recommendation on how to use DCS:

DCS Recommendation
0 to 30 Do not send.
31 to 60 Email delivery not guaranteed.
61 to 100 Send mail. There is a high chance of email delivery success.

Different use cases may require different ranges. Please reach out to your CSR or our support if you have any questions.