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Watch your email reputation

Email marketing campaign servers with a low email reputation score will typically experience aggressive algorithms that will filter every email coming from that specific IP address. On the other hand, maintaining a high reputation score will see less intrusive filtering only applied to individual emails and email campaigns instead of blanket IP addresses. It would be definitely beneficial to not let other users to influence your email reputation. For example, if you are on a shared server – other companies/users could be sending out their own campaigns without filtering emails through our service. It would be a waste if you spent all the time and investment controlling your email campaigns and someone else is just email blasting causing the entire IP to be affected.

Improve your email reputation

After using our service to filter out emails, if the scores are already terrible for your current email campaign server IPs, it might benefit to do email campaigns on a new or more reputable IP to see better ROI. This would start your email reputation on a clean slate. As a disclaimer, we are not sure how feasible this would be for everybody but your team will need to discuss internally. However, using our service on existing IP should raise the reputation score for that specific IP. On IPs with existing completed high volume campaigns, the scores will be slow to change.

Result Code Best Practices

There are two main use cases for Global Email result codes.

  1. Validating emails at the point of entry on a web entry form
  2. Sending bulk emails in a marketing campaign.

Each case will require their own set of standards, and a different approach. Provided below is our recommendation on how to treat specific result codes.

Accept – Send mail. There is a high chance of email delivery success.
Caution – Email delivery not guaranteed.
Reject – Do not send.

These recommendations are to be used as a reference, and each case may vary from user to user.

Code Meaning Detail Melissa Recommendation
ES-Email Status Email Marketing Campaign Point of Entry
ES01 Valid Email This email was confirmed to be a valid email. Accept Accept
ES02 Invalid Email This email was confirmed to be a invalid email. Reject Reject
ES03 Unknown Email This email's status is unknown due to unknown external factors. Please try again another time. Reject Caution
ES04 Mobile Email Address The domain name was identified as a mobile email address and classified as not deliverable by the FCC. Reject Accept
ES05 Disposable Domain The domain name of the submitted email was identified as a disposable domain. Reject Caution
ES06 Spamtrap Domain The domain name of the submitted email was identified as a spamtrap. Mailing to this domain could result in the sender being blacklisted. Reject Caution
ES07 Accept All Server The mail server is an accept all server. Accept-All domains is set in a way that makes all emails seem valid. Caution Accept
ES08 Role Address This Email address was created as a group, ex: sales@, support@, or postmaster@. Caution Accept
ES09 Protected Mailbox Caution The mail provider for this email address may be quick to classify senders as spam and will not respond to our requests. Mailbox validation is not possible at this time and the mailbox may or may not exist. We recommend proceeding with caution if emailing numerous records to this mail domain. Caution Accept
ES10 Syntax Changed The syntax of the submitted email address was changed. Accept Accept
ES11 Top Level Domain Changed The top level domain of the submitted email address was changed. Accept Accept
ES12 Domain Changed (Spelling) The domain of the submitted email address was corrected for spelling. Accept Accept
ES13 Domain Changed (Update) The domain of the submitted email address was updated due to a domain name change. Accept Accept
ES20 Verify (Precision: Domain Result) The email is considered valid, but did not have the mailbox verified and not found in our mailbox database. Caution Accept
ES21 Verify (Precision: Cached Mailbox Result) The email status was found in our database of cached emails. Accept Accept
ES22 Verify (Precision: Real-time Mailbox Result) The mailbox validation was performed in real-time. Accept Accept
ES23 Verify (Precision: Unicode Result) Unicode Detected: We do not support Unicode at this time for realtime mailbox validation. Domain and cache check only. Caution Accept
ES24 Verify (Precision: Pending Mailbox Result) The mail provider has been known to send a delayed response so it is possible that the pending status will change within the next 24 hours. You may want to resubmit this input at a later time as an update may be possible. Caution Accept
EE - Email Error
EE01 Syntax Error There is a syntax error in the submitted email address. Reject Reject
EE02 A Domain Not Found A Domain of the submitted email address was not found. Reject Reject
EE03 Mail Server Not Found The mail server of the submitted email address was not found. Reject Reject
EE04 Invalid Mailbox An invalid mailbox was detected (i.e. noreply). Reject Reject
SE - Transmission Service Error
SE01 Cloud Service Internal Error The cloud service experienced an internal error. Reject Reject
GE - General Transmission Error
GE01 Empty Request Structure The SOAP, JSON, or XML request structure is empty. Not to be confused with the GE01 GeoCode result code. Reject Reject
GE02 Empty Request Record Structure The SOAP, JSON, or XML request record structure is empty. Not to be confused with the GE02 GeoCode result code. Reject Reject
GE03 Records Per Request Exceeded The counted records sent more than the number of records allowed per request. Reject Reject
GE04 Empty License Key The License Key is empty. Reject Reject
GE05 Invalid License Key The License Key is invalid. Reject Reject
GE06 Disabled License Key The License Key is disabled. Reject Reject
GE07 Invalid Request The SOAP, JSON, or XML request is invalid. Reject Reject
GE08 Product/Level Not Enabled The License Key is invalid for this product or level. Reject Reject
GE09 Customer Does Not Exist The Customer ID is not in our system. Reject Reject
GE10 Customer License Disabled The encrypted license is on the ban list. Reject Reject
GE11 Customer Disabled The Customer ID is disabled. Reject Reject
GE12 IP Blacklisted The IP Address is on the global ban list. Reject Reject
GE13 IP Not Whitelisted The IP Address is not on the customer's whitelist. Reject Reject