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New Proxy Information Returned

The Global IP Web Service is now able to flag Proxy IP Addresses. 2 new output fields have been added for providing information on Proxy IP’s:

Output Field Definition
ProxyType The type of proxy for an IP Address.
Proxy Description Additional Details for the Proxy Type returned

These 2 new fields will now appear as part of the response structure by default.

Please see the sample REST and JSON response for the new output structure:

Additionally, a new result code ISO3 has been added to indicate if an IP is a proxy.

Coordinate Rounding for Privacy

Starting Friday, March 14, 2020, the returned latitude and longitude coordinates will be rounded to the second decimal place in order to be sensitive to user privacy.

Please keep in mind that Melissa’s internal methodology and data sources are not changing and you can remain confident in the accuracy of the returned response.

For example
Input IP:
Previously returned: "Latitude":"33.651200", "Longitude":"-117.594000"
Will now return: "Latitude":"33.65", "Longitude":"-117.59"