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MatchUp Listware for Excel Plug-in Discontinued

March 2022 - Build

Melissa Data is discontinuing the MatchUp Web Service on May 31, 2023, and therefore the Listware for Excel MatchUp plugin will be removed at that time.

Listware’s users with deduping needs should migrate to one of these two models:

  1. Users who need more (matchcode, or match rule) flexibility migrate to MatchUp Object or ETL SSIS MatchUp component. These are more advanced users who wish to integrate our matching libraries into their own proprietary system.
  2. Users who want the simplicity of minimal configuration (and a slightly higher record limit) migrate to Listware Online. No installation necessary. A simple file upload and downloadable output.

Please see our website for your matching options or contact your Customer Service Representative.

Settings – Region - Language translation issues

Build 5144 has added 4 options to use as the default language for all interface controls ( see Settings > Region ). Some links may appear to display incorrectly and even though we worked extensively to create valid translations for all interfaces, there are a few aspects of these that will be fixed next release.

Common Browsers Discontinuing FTP Support

Many common browsers are discontinuing FTP support:

We are working diligently to migrate our updates from the ftp protocol to https.

Currently you may try a workaround to enable your browser to receive ftp:

Please contact Melissa Tech Support with questions.

Windows 10 Update 1903 Notice

Windows 10 Update 1903 changed the way msOffice plug-ins interact with input messaging (keyboard input).

This fix applies to Windows 10 / Office 365 / update 1903 users.

Windows 10 users - without Update 1903, or earlier windows versions may not experience the issue but should see no problems if the update is applied.

Business Coder Service Interruption

Build 5044

The underlying Business Coder service is currently experiencing licensing issues. Although the Error Dialog references an Invalid Customer ID, this is a general description and the actual error is verifying the valid license.

LWE Issue BusinessCoderError01.png

We are working on fixing the service. Please contact us If you have immediate Business Coder needs.

US Check and Verify: Output Columns: Check All - Check None Error

Build 5014

On the US Check > Output columns tab, right-clicking and toggling Check All/None for either Demographics, Property, or Parsed Address, will change the above property Check All/None.

Manually setting them does function correctly.

This will fixed in an upcoming release

Installer is Corrupt or Invalid

When downloading Listware using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you may get the following message (or similar):

LWE Issue DownloadError01.png

If you select Run, Save or Save As, you can get a variation of the following message:

LWE Issue DownloadError02.png

Selecting the Save As option will save the installer into your Download directory and allow you to install Listware for Excel.

Selecting Save or Run will allow you to ‘View’ your Downloads, then Right-Click and select Run Anyway

LWE Issue DownloadError03.png

This issue has not been replicated, nor seem to be a problem with Chrome or Firefox browsers. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or known issues.

Processing Blank Rows

Build 2851

Currently, you will consume credits for blank rows processed. We are reviewing options to count but not charge the user for blank rows sent to the respective service.

The current workaround is to sort your list and then select a range to process, ensuring you do not send blank rows to Listware servers.

Estimated Credit Level Changes

The Estimated Credit Level for all Listware components has been updated to more accurately reflect credit consumption. This is not a price increase, nor does it in any way affect actual credit use. This is just a more accurate estimate.

Column Names Could not be Determined – Dialog Box

If you select ‘Use column letters’, Listware will not replace the first row of data with output column headings as stated.

The output columns will not contain headings. The workaround is to add a row of Column Headings before processing.

Windows 10 Usage

  • A windows 10 security message may warn you of a corrupt or unsigned download. This should not prevent you from downloading or installing the update. Whitelisting in progress.

LWE Windows10 Warn.PNG

  • Users attempting to uninstall Listware on Windows 10 (a successful or unsuccessful install) may experience difficulties removing via the new Settings | System | Apps & features option. However, uninstalling via Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program works fine. Optionally, you can uninstall by re-running the Listware for Excel installer and selecting ‘Remove Listware for Excel.’ We are currently working with Microsoft on a resolution to this problem.

Default Settings

When you visit Listware > Settings, Listware will use the currently visible settings if you select ‘OK’. This has caused a minor issue with Language defaulted to Germany.

Select cancel to remain in English mode. To fix an inadvertent change to German language select Einstellungen from the Listware ribbon > Add-In amd select English. Restart Excel.

We will change the default behavior or instructions in the next version.

Office 365 Usage

Office 365 is now an SDI - Single Document Interface. This means that you can no longer open multiple tables in one Excel executable. If you are using Listware for Excel and open up a second instance of Excel, there will be cross processing of events and applications, so closing the second instance for example will cancel the process on the first instance. We are looking into the issue. Currently we are recommending that you do not open a second instance of Excel if using Listware.

SmartMover Processing

There are a couple of possible issues with SmartMover Processing:

  • There is an issue with the licensing (provided License Key) for the new Listware for Excel SmartMover component. If you receive the message "Processing Error. An error occurred during processing (no rows processed)" contact your Melissa Data representative. We will edit your account license and get you back up and running immediately.
  • On the NCOA Options tab, where you specify a list name, if the list name is too long it will crash. A workaround to this is to shorten the List Name. This issue will be fixed in the next release.
  • For US NCOA processing, the report totals may not add up (verified address + non-verified != total records) due to the presence of canadian records, and is an issue with the underlying web service.

Installation Issues

Important Notice about Anti-Virus Software

Check for Updates Link

Version 2490 introduced a hidden update link
Get the latest version of Listware for Excel here.

XP Installation

There may be an issue with XP outdated service packs, updates, .NET compatibility or .msi issues preventing installation on some XP configurations.
As of build 2428 we are no longer officially supporting installations on win XP, as Microsoft is no longer supporting the OS.

See End of Support XP for details

Global Reports

A user reports that a requested pie chart is not printed to the report with a German version of Office and Windows 8.1. This could not be replicated on a US version set to German localization. we are currently looking into the issue.

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