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LWE MatchUp Processing.png

Processing will display the progress of your data cleansing.

If you want to restart the data cleansing process (possibly to change some settings, process more records, etc.) click 'Restart'.
Click 'Close' to close the Listware Add-in. Make sure to save your file before you exit Excel, or you may lose your cleansed data.

Processing Results

Once processing is complete a you have the window will pop-up, displaying the processing results.

LWE MatchUp ProcessingResults.png

All Records
Displays all records.
Output Records
Displays only output records.
Duplicate Groups
Displays only duplicate groups.

Processing Results Destination

Once you commit the changes, you can choose what to do with the results.

LWE MatchUp ProcessingCompleteCopy.png

Append the results to the original Worksheet.
This option appends the results to the original worksheet you are working with.
Copy the results to a new Worksheet.
This option copies the results to a new worksheet.
Remove duplicate rows
This option removed duplicate rows.

Row Order

This option sorts the columns in an ascending order.

Independent of Input Columns

Orders the rows by row number.
Dupe Group
Orders the rows by dupe group.
Orders the rows by count number.
Match Key
Orders the rows by Match Key.
Result Codes
Orders the rows by result codes returned.

Dependent on Input Columns

Full Name
Orders the rows by full name.
First Name
Orders the rows by first name.
Last Name
Orders the rows by last name.
Orders the rows by company.
Orders the rows by address.
Orders the rows by address2.
Orders the rows by address3.
Orders the rows by city.
Orders the rows by state.
ZIP Code
Orders the rows by ZIP Code.
Orders the rows by phone.
Orders the rows by email.

Change cell color to indicate errors, changes, etc.
Check this to have Listware for Excel change cell colors to indicate errors, changes, and so forth.
Add cell comments describing errors and changes.
Check this to have Listware for Excel add cell comments describing errors and changes.

LWE MatchUp PostingOutputData.png

Once you’ve selected and OK’d your Commit options, Listware will write the Output Data to your table.

Credits Used

LWE MatchUp CreditsUsed.png

Once you commit the changes from processing results, the processing complete window will pop-up, displaying the amount of credits your data cleansing process used.