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|[[Listware for Excel:SmartMover:Output Columns|Output Columns]]
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SmartMover NCOA Navigation
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Processing Range
NCOA Options
Input Columns
Output Columns
Review Settings
Result Codes

LWE SmartMover OutputColumns.png

Specify what data you want to output by checking the box next to the desired columns.

You can right-click each section to 'Check All' or 'Check None'.

The following output columns are available:

Name 1

This section contains name components.

Full Name
Full name. E.g. "Dr. Bill S. Preston, Esquire."
Parsed name prefix. E.g. "Dr."
First Name
Parsed first name. E.g. "Bill."
Middle Name
Parsed middle name. E.g. "S."
Last Name
Parsed last name. E.g. "Preston."
Parsed name suffix. E.g. "Esquire."


Company or organization.
Full address.
Address 2
Second address. If you specify a second address line, secondary information (apartment, suite, etc.) will be put here. If you choose to not output to Address 2, secondary information will be appended to the first Address.
US State or Canadian Province.
ZIP Code
US ZIP Code or Canadian Postal Code.
Country name.
AddressKey. The AddressKey is a unique identifier for a given address and is required as input for some other Melissa Data products.

Move Information

Move Date
Move effective date.
Move Status
Move status description.
Move Type
Move type description.

Address Information

Extra Address Information
Extra information that does not fit in any of the output address columns.
If requested, the suite will be populated in this column instead of the output address columns.
Private Mailbox
Private Mailbox. These mailboxes are used in commercial receiving agencies, such as the UPS store.
If requested, the Private Mailbox will be populated in this column instead of the output address columns.
Urbanization (PR Only)
Urbanization name. These are used only in Puerto Rican addresses.
City Abbreviation
City abbreviation is any is available.
State Name
Full state name.
ISO Country Code
ISO country code.
Carrier Route
Carrier Route (CRRT.) This is a 4-character code defining the carrier route for the address.
Delivery Point
Delivery Point (DP) and its check digit. This is a 2-digit code defining the address's delivery location. The single-digit check digit follows the delivery point and serves as an error check for the ZIP Code, Plus4 and Delivery Point.

Parsed Address

House Number
Parsed House Number for the output address.
Street Pre-Directional
Parsed Street Pre-Directional for the output address.
Street Name
Parsed Street Name for the output address.
Street Suffix/Type
Parsed Street Suffix (a.k.a. Street Type) for the output address.
Street Post-Directional
Parsed Post-Direction for the output address.
Suite Name
Parsed Suite Name for the output address.
Suite Number
Parsed Suite Number for the output address.
Private Mailbox Name
Parsed Private Mailbox Name for the output address.
Private Mailbox Number
Parsed Private Mailbox Number for the output address.
Route Service Number (CAN Only)
Parsed Route Service Number for the output address.
Canada Only.
Delivery Installation (CAN Only)
Parsed Delivery Installation for the output address.
Canada Only.
Lock Box Number (CAN Only)
Parsed Lock Box Number for the output address.
Canada Only.