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Full (Name/Phone/Address/Email) U.S. Data Quality

Clean Suite provides data quality functionality that cross-references the validity of your CRM data by verifying if a U.S. customer is legitimate by determining if the person’s name, address, phone and email belong or correlate with each other. Clean Suite also adds missing data to complete your contact records and provides you with the new addresses of people and companies that have moved.

For actions that Clean Suite supports and can be turned on or off:

  • Check – First step is to clean and standardize dirty contact data and determines if the address is deliverable, phone numbers are callable and whether an email address exists
  • Verify – Looks at the entire Salesforce record as a whole and determines whether the name, address, phone and email are associated with each other
  • Append – Populates missing data in your Salesforce objects. If your Salesforce object is missing a phone number for example, Clean Suite will append in a phone number based on other data within that Salesforce record such as the address, name or email
  • Move – Clean Suite can retrieve the latest address for an individual if that person has moved or had multiple moves within the last 12 years

Within Clean Suite, you can pick and choose which actions to turn on based on your needs. More settings and options are provided to tweak and control how Clean Suite will verify and append in data.

When you assemble a complete, holistic record knowing each contact point is deliverable and accurate against USPS and Telco information, you’ll be able to improve customer/prospect communications, easily identify purchasing trends and prevent fraud.

Global Verification

Clean Suite provides standardization and validation for Salesforce objects across 240 countries and territories:

  • Standardize, parse, verify, transliterate and geocode addresses
  • Validate email addresses to the mailbox level and check if the email is indeed deliverable to
  • Determine if a phone number is valid based on your customer’s region

By using the Clean Suite Global Verification component, you can spot bad data in your Salesforce organization very easily and prevent wasted time on bad or fraudulent data.

Property & Mortgage Enrichment

Enrich your Salesforce CRM records by seamlessly adding property and mortgage data on 140 million U.S. properties. The property lists are updated weekly and the data is divided into 12 main categories with over 165 information fields.

The main data elements include:

  • Property address
  • Owner (name, phone and address)
  • Current trust deed information
  • Prior sale information, plus many other fields

You can select the preferred level of data by selecting "Basic" and receive up to 30 property data elements, or choosing Detailed," and receive up to 160 property data elements (The level of detail may vary according to property location). Melissa Data's property and mortgage data is ideal for investors, lenders, real estate professionals, insurance agencies, risk managers, and service/product providers who employ the Salesforce CRM.

Global Address Autocompletion

Clean Suite also brings address auto completion anywhere within Salesforce for over 240 countries and territories. As you type in an address, Clean Suite will complete your address with a verified existing address, including the city, state and postal code. With auto completion, save up to 50% fewer keystrokes and prevent typographical errors and mistakes.

Batch Processing

Clean your Salesforce data in one sweep using Personator (U.S.) and Global Verification. Clean Suite lets you pick and choose which Salesforce objects to cleanse. After processing, you can view the results under the Clean Suite Report Summary tab to find weak points in your Salesforce data.