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After Installation

I have installed MAILERS+4 - Now what?

You must first open up MAILERS+4. Now you must supply a file for MAILERS+4 to use. You do this by going to "File," then "Open," and selecting the file that you wish to work on.

Next you must tell MAILERS+4 what all the fields in your file mean. You do this my going to "File Format Fields." Here you associate your database fields with the format names that we provide. Now that your file is formatted you may now process it through the rest of MAILERS+4 functions.

You can read more about formatting in Chapter 3 of the MAILERS+4 Manual "Formatting Your List."

Installation From CD

How do I install the MAILERS+4 CD-ROM?

  1. Place the MAILERS+4 CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click the Start/Programs button and select RUN from the pop up menu...the run screen will now appear.
  3. Type in your CD-ROM drive letter followed by :\SETUP.EXE in the "Command Line"" box.
    • If your CD-ROM drive is labeled D:\ the command line will, read D:\SETUP.EXE
  4. After entering the path, click on OK. Follow the directions to complete the installation.

Uninstalling Previous Versions

Do I have to uninstall the previous version of MAILERS+4 to install the new update?

No. Just do a regular install of the new MAILERS+4 update and it will override the old one.

Template Protection on New Update

How can I make sure that my templates are not erased when I install new update of MAILERS+4?

There is a file in your mailers directory named MP4W32.DAT. This file contains all your saved presort templates, print label templates and any forms you may have created. Copy this file into another directory and replace it in the mailers folder after you install the update.

License Key

I received a License Key for MAILERS+4. Where do I enter the License Key?

Navigate to the “System Options” under the “Tools” menu. Click the “User Information” tab and you can enter in your License Key. Embedded in your License Key is your free Mail.dat® User License Code as well.