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Run Address Check After NCOA\Listware Update

Do I need to run an address check in MAILERS+4 after my file is updated through NCOA\Listware?

No, CASS is automatically done when updating your file through NCOA/Listware. The CASS 3553 form is provided with the 24 or 48-month service.

File Ready to be Updated Through Listware

How will I know when my file is ready to be updated through Listware?

An automatic email will be sent to you letting you know that your file is ready to be updated through NCOA/Listware. The message is sent to the email you specified in your submitted PAF (Processing Acknowledgment Form).

File Types Submitted to Lisware

What file types can I submit through Listware?

We recommend using a .dbf 3,4 or 5 format and also a comma-separated value (.CSV) file.

Maximum Record Submission to Listware

How many records can I submit to Listware in one file?

The maximum amount of records you can submit through Listware is 1 million records.