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"Enhanced Carrier Route" Rates

Why don't I get "Enhanced Carrier Route " rates?

Make sure your database has the following fields: Delivery Point, Carrier Route, Line of Travel Number and Line of Travel Order.

After inserting these fields by using Database/Modify, format the fields and run your file trough address check. If you have enough pieces you will see the "Enhanced Carrier Route" under the "Mailing "Mailing Results Screen."

When you go to run your presort you will see "Enhanced CRRT Automation Basic Letters," and "Enhanced CRRT WS/HD/LOT Letters" under suggested mailings.

Correct Rates

How do I know if the postal rates in MAILERS+4 are current?

You can verify the rates with the postal rate calculator on the USPS web site at: [1]

If you feel your list should qualify for a better rate, call Tech Support for an explanation of the sortataion.

Residual Pieces

What are residual pieces?

For Standard A mailings
Residual pieces are addresses that do not have a valid ZIP Code.MAILERS+4 will take any pieces that have a valid ZIP Code for a standard mailing and combine them to the postage statement in the "BASIC NON Automation Rate" box. Therefore residual pieces will not be added to Basic Non-Automation Rate.

Destination Discount

How can I take advantage of destination discounts?

Bringing Standard Mail to a BMC (Bulk Mail Center), SCF (Sectional Center Facility) or a DDU (Destination Delivery Unit) can reduce postage costs substantially. To select a destination click on the "Destinations" button on the Suggested mailings screen. Presort will highlight the SCF/BMC destination closest to the zip code on the post office of mailing screen. The destinations screen lists all the SCF's and BMC's loaded in the program. However, as a result of the large number of DDU's, the DDu list has been intentionally left blank and you must enter your DDU information before Presort will process data to that level. Click on a facility's name and select "ADD BMC, ADD SCF OR ADD DDU to choose these destinations and you will see that facility in the "Selected destinations" box. Click on ok then run your presort.

Excluding Leading Zeros

How do I exclude leading zeros from tray and package numbers on my address labels?

To exclude leading zeros from your tray and package numbers simply select System Options from the Tools menu. This will open the System Options screen. Click on the Program Options tab and check the box "Strip leading zeros from tray and package numbers". Then rerun your presort.

Save Customize and Destinations Changes

How can I have Presort save the changes I made in the Customize and Destinations screens?

In order for MAILERS+4 to save the changes you requested in the Presort Customize screen, you must first select your SCF and BMC Destinations screen and then go to the Customize screen and make your changes.

Presorted Order Export

How can I export my mailing list in presorted order?

From the List menu of the MAILERS+4 Main Menu screen, highlight Presort, and then select the Results sub-menu. Click on Next until you arrive at the Presort Reports screen. Select Export, The File Export screen will appear. Give your presorted list a file name and choose the directory you want to save your list to. Select Save.

Choosing a Payment Option

How do I choose the payment option I want on my postage statement?

After you run the presort on your file you will be on the Mailing Results screen. Click on the next button and this will bring up the Postage Statement Information screen. On the bottom right corner you will have three payment options to choose from.... Meter, Imprint and Stamp.

Bulk Mail Presorts

Which Bulk Mail presorts does MAILERS+4 support?

MAILERS+4 supports Standard, Periodical and First-Class postcards, letter, cards and flats. Most mailing types can qualify for Enhanced Carrier Route Automation, Enhanced Carrier Route WS/HD/LOT, 5-Digit auto/non-auto , 3-Digit auto/non-auto, ADC auto/non-auto, or Mixed ADC auto/non-auto.

“ZIP code is not defined"

I have my city, state and ZIP code all in one field, however when I presort my list it tells me “ZIP code is not defined?

In order to run your list through the presort function of MAILERS+4 you must have a separate ZIP code field formatted in your list. When using a .DBF file, go to the “Modify” function under the “Database” menu. Insert a ZIP code field with a length of 10 and then format the field as “ZIP” in format fields.

Payment Options and Rate Types

What payment options and rate types does MAILERS+4 support?

There are 3 payment options to choose from.

Indicates that you will use a postage meter to pay for your mailing.
Indicates that you will use a permit imprint to pay for your mailing.
Indicates that you will use pre-cancelled stamps to pay for your mailing. You can enter the stamp value in the field provided on the Postage Statement information screen.

MAILERS+4 supports the following rate types:

Applies to regular mail outside the nonprofit category
The processing of Nonprofit Mail is exactly like Standard Mail (A). the difference is in the rates that are charged. USPS Nonprofit rate authorization is required prior to mailing.
A special periodical rate available to educational, scientific, or religious publications that are used for scholastic or religious instruction.
Science of Agriculture
A special periodical rate for agrarian publications (70% of the subscribers must be rural residents).

“In County” Rates

How do I qualify for “In County” rates for my periodical mailings?

The first step is to format the FIPS field. This is a 5 character field that contains the Federal Information Processing Standard and is populated by MAILERS+4 during Address Check. The first 2 digits of this field is the state code and the last 3 digits is the county code. Then select the “Use In-County” check box to receive the In-County discount for mail delivered within your county of mailing. The FIPS code of qualifying records must match your post office FIPS code.

Don't Reset Tray Number Option Error

When I run a presort using Mail.dat I get the error message: “Don’t reset tray number option must be checked.” How do I fix this?

Mail.dat requires that the container numbers are continuous between jobs. Go to the “System Options” screen under the “Tools” menu. Click on the “Program Options” tab. Under “Presort” check the radio button: “Don’t reset tray numbers between presort jobs.” Then re-run the presort.

Non-Profit Authorization Number

When I run a Non Profit mailing through presort, it prompts me for a “Non Profit Authorization Number.” What is this and how do I acquire it?

A Non Profit Authorization (NPA) number is now required to process mail at Non Profit rates. This Authorization number can be acquired by contacting your local post office. Once you receive your NPA you can enter it on the “Postage Statement Information” screen in the presort Wizard.

USPS "License Code"

The USPS® requires a “License Code” to submit files via Mail.dat. Is Melissa Data providing this code to its customers?

Yes. Melissa Data is providing the License Code to submit your paperwork via Mail.dat. Please contact tech support at 1-800-800-6245 x 4 or to acquire your License Code. The License Code can be entered by clicking on the “Mail.dat/ACS Options” button on the “Suggested Mailings” screen.

DDU Pricing

Will the Postal Service continue DDU entry and pricing?

The DDU (Delivery Destination Unit) entry and entry pricing will not be available for mail that would need to be backhauled to the plant for sequencing on FSS equipment. Therefore, only eligible Saturation, High Density, and High Density Plus mailings will be allowed to be entered at the DDU and claim the DDU pricing option. The only other type of mailings that will be allowed to be entered at the DDU and claim the entry prices are Periodicals In-County mailings (including 5,000 or less outside county copies in that same mailing issue) and Bound Printed Matter flats that are entered at the DDU and are not sorted as per the FSS requirements.