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“In List” and “Processed” References

On the top of the Records in a Radius results screen, what does “In List” and “Processed” refer to for the Total Records?

After you have specified the Zip Code and clicked “Go” the results screen will appear. At the top of the results screen it will display the number of records in your list (In List) and also the number of records processed (Processed). The number of processed records reflects the amount of valid Zip Codes in your database.

Required Fields for Records in a Radius

What fields are needed to run Records in a Radius?

The only field that you need to format in order to run Records in a Radius is the Zip Code. Records in a Radius will append the Distance (in miles) and the Zip Code error if Zip Code in the record is invalid.

Records in a Radius and ZIPs in a Radius

What’s the difference between Records in a Radius and ZIPs in a Radius?

Records in a Radius tells you how many records in your mailing list are located within a given range from a central Zip Code. It can also append the distance from the central Zip Code to each of the records in your list.

Using a given Zip Code as a center point, Zips in a Radius will report all the Zip Codes located within a user-defined radius. Zips in a Radius will return Zip Codes, Distance (in miles), City, State and County. You do not have to have a list open in MAILERS+4 to access the ZIPs in a Radius function.