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What is NCOAlink?

NCOAlink is the technology from the U.S. Postal Service which allows Smart Mover to easily and securely access to change of address information. Smart Mover is an add-on for MAILERS+4 that allows NCOAlink processing directly from within the software. It enables you to obtain up-to-date change-of-address information for valid address entries in your data.

Running Address Check Before Smart Mover

Do I need to run address check before running Smart Mover?

It is not necessary to run address check before processing your list through Smart Mover. Smart Mover will CASS certify your list (Coding Accuracy Support System) to the DPV level (Delivery Point Validation) during processing.

Run Address Check After NCOA\SmartMover Update

Do I have to run address check in MAILERS+4 after my list is updated with NCOA\SmartMover?

If you format the “Delivery Point” field before you submit your list for NCOA, you do not have to run address check after your file is updated. SmartMover does CASS certification on your list along with the NCOA update. The “Delivery Point” is used to create barcodes in MAILERS+4

Submit Two Address Fields

Can I submit two address fields through SmartMover?

No, only one address field can be formatted in your list. If your second address field contains a suite or apartment number, you can format this field as “Suite” in SmartMover.