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What does SmartMover do in Mailers+4?

SmartMover uses NCOALink technology to securely transfer encrypted data to and from our servers for processing in order to keep up with customers that have filed a change of address (COA) with the USPS over the last 48 months.

SmartMover will:

  • Validate and standardize U.S. addresses with USPS CASS-certified processing.
  • Provide change of address information for Individuals, Families, and/or Businesses by matching against the full 48-month USPS NCOALink database.
  • Meet the USPS Move-Update requirement for a period of 95 days from the date of processing.
  • Generate USPS required reports: CASS form 3553 & NCOALink Summary report
  • Please Note: SmartMover does not do Canadian Change of Address Processing

How do I access SmartMover?

SmartMover can still by accessed the same way by clicking the SmartMover Real-time NCOALink button located on the all-in-one taskbar on the left. -OR- by clicking Services from the top menu bar and selecting Change of Address.

The difference in the new update is that excess menu items under "Services" have been removed because they all led to the same window.

How does SmartMover Work?

  • Mailing lists are processed through our CASS-Certified address verification engine in order to append ZIP+4 and validate delivery point.
  • Each address that has a confirmed delivery-point will then be processed through NCOALink.
  • New addresses are only returned if the Original Input Name and Address match the Change of Address file.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

  1. Active Mailers+4 and SmartMover subscription.
  2. Completed Processing Acknowledgement Form on File.
  3. Minimum of 100 records.
  4. Minimum Fields: Company and/or Full Name (or First and Last Name) with Address, City, State, Postal Code.

Will the new release of Mailers+4 work on Windows 7?

Unfortunately, the new Mailers+4 - SmartMover release will not work on Windows 7, if you can not upgrade your operating system yet, do not update Mailers+4.

Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, which means they no longer receive security updates. Please see the Microsoft Windows 10 FAQ for additional information and recommendations.

Will the output fields be added to my list automatically?

No. We plan to implement this in the future, but currently, Mailers+4 requires the Output fields to be added and formatted manually before processing through SmartMover Web Service.

This can be done by performing the following steps:

  1. Click Database from the top menu and select Modify, then click Insert to add new fields.
  2. Once the fields have been added, click OK and then YES to confirm changes.
  3. Click Format Fields and select the NCOA tab to Format before processing.

Field Character Length
Move Type 1
Move Effective Date 6
Return Code 2
Result Code 50
Address Error 1
Delivery Point 2
Mail Score 1

Where can I find tutorials on how to process my file using the new SmartMover in Mailers+4?

Tutorials can be found on the Mailers+4 wiki under essentials.

Where can I find more information about the changes made in the new update?

Changes regarding this new update can be found in Mailers+4: Build History.