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Distribution Comparisons

Windows Desktop
MatchUp Object MatchUp ETL LWXL MatchUp MatchUp
Web Service
Matchcode Editor x x x
Programming Required x x
Multi-Platform x
Real-Time Deduping x
Flexible Output Various File Types Various File Types
Record Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 50,000 Unlimited
Global Processing US, CAN, UK Global Global Not Presently Not Presently
Output Record Consolidation Gathering Survivorship
Output Record Priority Priority Golden Record
Source Record Update (Distribute) Scattering
Rapid Development x x
Rapid Integration x x
Direct File Handling x x Excel, CSV, etc.
Unlimited Files x Source, Lookup
Analyzing Built-in Tool x
File Control Toolset x
Automatic Reports Generated 18 Reports x
Updates CASS x x x Automatic
Support x x x x x