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In addition to information about the components used by a matchcode, the Matchcode interface can also return information about the required mapping for each matchcode. These can be different from the Component mapping types because the component type tells you the data type which will be used to match records, while the matchcode mapping tells the API the format of the incoming data.

One use for this would be for an application to retrieve the information from a matchcode and dynamically create the mappings based on that information.

Use the SetMatchcodeObject(Read-Write | Incremental | Hybrid) function instead of the SetMatchcodeName(Read-Write | Incremental | Hybrid) function to set the matchcode used by the interface.

For example, a few of the many possible matchcode mappings required by a respective component type:

CASE MatchCode.ComponentType.PrefixType: CALL mdMU.AddMapping WITH mm.FullName
CASE MatchCode.ComponentType.FirstType: CALL mdMU.AddMapping WITH mm.FullName
CASE MatchCode.ComponentType.LastType: CALL mdMU.AddMapping WITH mm.FullName
CASE MatchCode.ComponentType.SuffixType: CALL mdMU.AddMapping WITH mm.FullName
CASE MatchCode.ComponentType.FirstNicknameType: CALL mdMU.AddMapping WITH mm.FullName

Keep in mind that these are not all the matchcode mapping targets. For a full list of these targets, see MatchcodeMappingTarget. If a matchcode contains component types that can not be extracted from the database you want to process, that matchcode should not be used for that process