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The Matchcode Editor is a Windows-based application that creates and edits the matchcode file used by MatchUp Object. This program allows you to customize copies of the original matchcodes that ship with MatchUp Object or create new matchcodes from scratch.

If you have ever used Melissa Data’s MatchUp software for Windows, you will already be familiar with the functionality of the Matchcode Editor.

Starting the Matchcode Editor

The default installation location for the MatchUpEditor executable is:

C:\Program Files\Melissa DATA\DQT\MatchUp\

To run, specify the location of the matchcode file as a command-line parameter (ie, in the program’s shortcut), as in:

MatchUpEditor.exe “C:\programdata\Melissa Data\MatchUp”

Or you can alter the shortcut’s “Start in” location so that it starts in the same location as the file. You can also run it directly from the Start menu, if you chose that as an installation option.