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Use of the Advanced 'Incremental Deduping' Functions

There are four special-purpose function in the SQL-CLR DLL:

Compares and reports dupes on records in an input table with records in a master table.
Compares a single record to records in a master table and reports the duplicates.
Inserts only non-duplicate records from an input table into a master table.
Functions as a INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger. Upon an INSERT, only records that are not duplicates will be inserted into the table.

These functions allow you to use the MatchUp SSIS component to ‘configure’ matchcode strategies and mappings, table columns and mappings, and advanced record handling of the output results, thus saving you from having to programmatically edit your .sql scripts each time a change is required. In other words, these additional functions allow you to use SSIS as an interface to reduce programming changes in your native .sql scripts.