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MD Components
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A basic Pentaho/Contact Zone Data Transform consists of an Input, a Data Transform (the MD Components), and an Output.

Use the table of contents above to view more information on these topics.

Business Coder Component

  • Search for businesses using the phone number, stock ticker, and web address.
  • Discover business SIC codes, sales volumes, employee sizes, phone numbers, etc.

Cleanser Component

  • Standardize and cleanse data.

Contact Verify Component

Address Verification

  • Validate and Correct US and Canadian addresses
  • Append missing suites with SuiteLink® and exclusive AddressPlus technology
  • Determine delivery type (business vs. residential)
  • Validate and Correct non-USPS addresses

Geocoding (Spatial Processing)

  • Assign Latitude and Longitude to the Rooftop
  • Census Tract and Block
  • CBSA Information
  • County Names and FIPS
  • Place Names and Place Code

Name Processing

  • Parse and genderize names and multiple names
  • Detect vulgarities and suspicious words in name fields
  • Detect and standardize companies in the name field

Phone Processing

  • Verify telephone numbers to 7 - 10 digit level
  • Determine Telco Switch location
  • Detect landlines vs. cellular or VOIP
  • Detect Residential, business, small office/home office phones

Email Processing

  • Validate and correct email domains
  • Detect mobile domains (restricted from email by FCC)
  • Detect bad mailbox names (spam, noreply…)
  • Correct common misspellings and syntax errors

Global Verify Component

  • Validate and Correct International Addresses
  • Supports 240 countries in the world

IP Locator Component

  • Returns geographic data for a given IP address
  • Latitude, Longitude, City, State, Zip Code, County, and ISP Information are all returned

MatchUp Component

  • Find and eliminate duplicate records
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your database
  • Create custom Matchcodes tailored for your data

Personator Component

  • Empower E-commerce
  • Multi-sourced data sets
  • Check contact records
  • Advanced Address Correction
  • Verify individual identity
  • Flexible, Cloud-based Service

Profiler Component

  • Discovers existing weaknesses in your database (duplicates, badly fielded data, bad data, etc.)
  • Enforces business rules on incoming records at point-of-entry
  • Allows the building of metadata repository that aids in data governance and building strategic datamarts
  • Maintains data quality by continuously monitoring data after its merged into a data warehouse
  • Enforces business rules on incoming records, so you can maintain data standardization

Property Component

  • Returns information about a given parcel of property, including: assessed value; last sale price; current mortgage; physical dimensions of land; and square footage.
  • The level of detail may vary according to location.

SmartMover Component

  • Replace old addresses with move addresses
  • Identify undeliverable and incomplete addresses
  • Cut your mailing costs with postal discounts
  • Increase Postal processing and delivery