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You can set a License Key as an environment variable. There are two environment variables available for Address Object: MD_LICENSE and MD_LICENSE_DEMO. These environment variables were made available so that you can change certain aspects of your applications without recompiling. You can set these both MD_LICENSE and MD_LICENSE_DEMO as environment variables at same time. If you are using variable MD_LICENSE for any other product then you can use MD_LICENSE_DEMO for Address Object or vice versa. Don't get confused with the word "DEMO" for a valid License Key, it works same as MD_LICENSE.


  1. Click Start.
  2. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 01.png
  3. Click Control Panel.
  4. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 02.png
  5. Click System and Security.
  6. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 03.png
  7. Click System.
  8. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 04.png
  9. Click Advanced system settings. (This step may require administrative access.)
  10. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 05.png
  11. Click Environment Variables.
  12. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 06.png
  13. Click New.
  14. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 07.png
  15. The New System Variable Window should pop up. Type "MD_LICENSE" under the Variable Name text box.
  16. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 08.png
  17. Next, enter the actual License Key in the Variable Value text box. Then click OK.
  18. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 09.png
  19. You should now have the new MD_LICENSE Environment Variable in your system. Click OK to finalize the update.
  20. DQT API SetEnvironmentVariable 10.png


  1. Go to the console of your LINUX Machine.
  2. Write the following command in your console, it will set one License Key for all the Melissa Data Objects installed on that machine ‘export MD_LICENSE = “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” ’
You can use variable ‘MD_LICENSE_DEMO’ if you need to use another License Key for Melissa Data Objects.
(To set environment variable permanently for LINUX you need to add this in your profile.)