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Why am I getting result codes indicating that move has occurred but the address is not updated?

Not all declared moves will be accompanied with an address. The USPS can sometimes confirm someone did in fact move from a particular location but there are some cases where they do not have the new address. In this case the records that return a “1” in the move return code field are foreign moves. The USPS contains no addresses outside the United States as the NCOA file is strictly national. Other countries also work differently in terms of data distribution and postal environments compared with the USA. Here are some examples of codes written back for flagged moves. Some contain moves and others do not based on definition.

Code Description
A COA Match - A Business, Individual or Family.
91 COA Match - Secondary Number Dropped from COA.
92 COA Match - Secondary Number Dropped from Input.
01 COA Match - Foreign Move.
02 COA Match - Moved Left No Address.
03 COA Match - PO Box Closed No Forwarding Address.
05 COA Match - A New Address cannot be provided.
14 COA Match - New Address would not convert.
19 Found COA - New Address not ZIP+4 or DPV Confirm.

I am worried about the security of my name and address data. Can Melissa Data provide me with more security?

HTTPS is a secure version of the HTTP Protocol using SSL 128 Bit encryption and is available for those customers who require an extra layer of security by using one of the following SmartMover V3 Service URLs.

No personal information is ever kept or stored on the Melissa Data web servers.

What is SmartMover Web Service?

SmartMover Web Service allows companies to build routines for individual or business change of address into their custom applications using a SOAP message and a simple HTTP post from any programming language and toolkit. SmartMover makes NCOA™ Data available on demand without any software to install or maintain. Develop your client using our example code once and enjoy the benefits of the most current address data available anytime and anywhere. SmartMover Web Service is the most cutting edge NCOA ™ technology from the USPS© and is only available from Melissa Data.

What is the process to get started with using SmartMover Web Service?

  1. Create a SmartMover Web Service account with your Melissa Data sales representative. You will be assigned a UserID for your account.
  2. Your sales representative will send you a Postal Acknowledgement Form to fill out and fax back to us.
  3. You can then use your UserID and you need to enter JobID to process addresses with the SmartMover ( SmartMover V3 Service URLs) web service until you run out of credits.