Solaris 32/64 Bit GCC Deprecation Notice

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Solaris 32/64 Bit GCC Deprecation Notice

Effective Date

April 15th 2015

Products Covered

The products covered under this notice are:

Product Name GCC Versions OS End of Support
Address Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15
Name Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15
Phone Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15
Email Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15
RightFielder Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15
Geocoder Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15
MatchUP Object 3.3 Solaris 04/15/15

On April 15th 2015 all GCC compiled versions of the Melissa Data libraries for the Solaris Operating System will no longer be supported. This is to accommodate newer versions of the libraries compiled with Workshop 12 for Solaris 10 and later Operating Systems, located in the ws12_64bit directories on the downloads or physical discs from Melissa Data. This does not affect the Workshop 6 compiled libraries already in the product images under the ws6_32bit and ws6_64bit directories. We recommend that the Solaris native version for Workshop 12 be used in place of the GCC versions of the libraries.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, please call us at 1800-MELISSA (635-4772) Option 4 or email us at