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What are the Pros and Cons of using Global Address Public Cloud vs On-Premise?

In terms of the global address verification functionality, the Public Cloud and the On-Premise both will product the same verification results. Our public cloud offer is after all simply a web application layer built on top of the On-Premise API. You will receive the same global coverage regardless of which one you pick. The main reasons for picking one or the other are due to architectural as well as organization policy reasons.

Public Cloud On-Premise
Privacy and Security Data is hosted on Melissa servers in a secure and private environment. We undergo security audits like SOC2 and no PII data is stored. The most private and secure option. The Global Address library and data files are located on your own servers and nothing leaves your network.
Maintenance Start verifying addresses with no setup or installation. No maintenance of servers or data updates to worry about. Updates provided on a quarterly basis that will need to be updated on all machines hosting the on-premise product. Install is included or simply use a copy/replace operation.
Pricing Transactional Pricing. Best and cheapest way to get started and only pay for exactly what you use. Bulk pricing. We are required to charge bulk pricing for putting data on premise. Most cost efficient for high volumes.
Ease of Use Ready to use web application that supports REST/XML/JSON/SOAP on a globally hosted redundant infrastructure. API for use in a programming language like Java/Python/.NET, etc. A low-level API that can be integrated to exactly your needs, but is not a ready to go web service like Public Cloud.