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Build 1.2.35

Released March 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue for handling csv file that does not have a terminating newline character
  • Fixed issue with Adding Virtual Fields
  • Fixed issue with leading characters of first field being stripped out in the output file
  • Fixed issue on username creation that could prevent user from logging in after it has been created
  • Fixed issue with output preview
  • Preserved existing DB Connection when upgrading to a later version of Unison for On-Premise
  • Fixed issue for input files that are tab delimited
  • Prevent Profiler from creating a project when user does not complete all the steps in project creation
  • Prevent creation of same username with different character casing
  • Prevent empty lines being counted as a full records
  • Fixed display of report page when only Global Phone Verification is ran
  • Fixed issue with progress log display when project is running
  • Prevent Matchup and Profiler task from skipping records with spaces
  • Added input validation for DB connections for On-Premise Unison
  • Fixed preview option for Verification tasks
  • Matchup fixes
    • Allows underscore in the output column names
    • Fixed address data type for matching
    • Fixed ability to use DB connection as input for On-premise
    • Fixed issue with Matchup's ability to remove a record from the group
    • Fixed issue with Matchup's ability to delete a record
    • Fixed Matchup data types issue that could cause incorrect results
    • Fixed Matchup header issue that could cause all matches
    • Fixed issue with scheduling Matchup tasks
    • Fixed issue with Matchup where input that contains 3 exact words with space in between causing mismatch
    • Fixed Matchup Survivorship functionality
  • Profiler Fixes
    • Fixed Profiler Report page
    • Fixed Profiler Aggregation Option
    • Prevent Profiler object from resetting previous properties set
    • Fixed issue with Profiler Stats table report
    • Added correct Distinct Count Column in Profiler Stats report
    • Corrected the column headers for Profiler Stats report


  • Improved ability to preview input file used on a project
  • Added error message when not enough disk space for installation
  • Improved Install_script install process when no Data update is needed
  • Added ability to disable users in Unison
  • Added a page to add/manage DB Connections for On-Prem Unison
  • Improved handling of DB Connections
  • Improved install script for checking new data (On-Prem only)
  • Added short description when viewing details for Profile Stats

Build 1.2.28

Released January 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with multi-node update
  • Fix issue with Input disappearing when adding virtual fields
  • Fix issue for latest job ran display
  • Fix issue with Matchup report filter
  • Fix issue with log errors during install
  • Fix issue with Matchup project config data type drown down when all passthrough rows are removed
  • Fix the ability to remove records from group in Matching report
  • Fix description for ES21 result code
  • Fix issue with LDAP configuration allowing user to save settings when configured incorrectly
  • Fix missing display options on Matchup section
  • Fix issue with Public projects appearing as Private project when edited
  • Fix issue that causes container update cancellation to get stuck
  • Fix issue in Matchup Project page that allow user to rerun/review projects
  • Fix result code snapshots consistency issue
  • Add error message when unsupported file type is used
  • Fix issue with “submit” button getting stuck when cancelling the number of containers update in the Admin page
  • Fix issue with global address instance not being balance properly
  • Fix error message when duplicate project is created
  • Fix issue for SuperAdmin Page when creating one Marketing modal, it creates multiple modals when clicking save
  • Fix issue to allow Super Admin enable/disable user in the Account page of Unison


  • Unison now compatible with Ubuntu 21.04
  • Add retry feature when Docker fail to install in Unison Install script
  • Add a rollback script into the installer
  • Ability to filter by Private Projects
  • Add icon to distinguish Private vs Public Projects
  • Add Ability to duplicate Matchup projects
  • Improve TFA login UI/UX
  • Improve security for base containers services
  • Add ability for Admins to disable users
  • Ability to detect Disk Space issue before allowing user to continue Unison installation
  • Improve container security
  • Update verbiage for creating new client accounts

New Feature

  • Ability to create Profiler Project
    • Provides statistical analysis and assessment of your data quality needs for consistency, uniqueness and correctness.
      • Offers different levels of Profiling
        • The Table: reports Null/Empty value counts, duplicate record counts, etc.
        • The Columns: Incorrect Data Type, Max and Min Value, etc.
        • The Values: Patterns, Words, Counts, Lengths, etc.

Build 1.2.23

Released September 2021

  • Add DPV footnotes to the address task outputs
  • Fix error in dashboard when new accounts are first displayed
  • Fix issue with Matchup’s custom match settings that were being over written in step three
  • MD Object Information Display Updates
  • Allow admin to increase number of containers per service
  • Display Services enabled by the MD License
  • Fix bug with Recommended Method not displaying options when editing Match Up projects
  • Fix bug with Set/Unset Golden Record
  • Fix option display on Matching Results page
  • Fix Threshold display
  • Remove "Score" options for Basic String Function Match Up Filter
  • Fix bug with removing group on Matching Result


Released April 2018

  • Fully realized platform that integrates contact data verification
  • Validate your names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Schedule projects to be ran as often as you would like
  • Connect to SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle databases