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Build 1.2.23

Releases September 2021

  • Add DPV footnotes to the address task outputs
  • Fix error in dashboard when new accounts are first displayed
  • Fix issue with Matchup’s custom match settings that were being over written in step three
  • MD Object Information Display Updates
  • Allow admin to increase number of containers per service
  • Display Services enabled by the MD License
  • Fix bug with Recommended Method not displaying options when editing Match Up projects
  • Fix bug with Set/Unset Golden Record
  • Fix option display on Matching Results page
  • Fix Threshold display
  • Remove "Score" options for Basic String Function Match Up Filter
  • Fix bug with removing group on Matching Result


Releases April 2018

  • Fully realized platform that integrates contact data verification
  • Validate your names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Schedule projects to be ran as often as you would like
  • Connect to SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle databases