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Interface Overview
Read-Write Interface
Incremental Interface
Hybrid Interface
Matchcode Interface
Matchcode Editor

Interface Overview

This API provides the developer with different interfaces allowing for maximum flexibility in selecting the best method for the application.

Read-Write Interface

The Read-Write Interface checks an entire list of records against itself, flagging unique records and duplicates. This Interface is best for checking existing databases and purging duplicate data.

See Read-Write Interface for more information.

Incremental Interface

The incremental Interface checks a single record against a persistent historical key file. This enables an application to field incoming records, such as from a website or a customer service system, easily detect duplicate records, pointing the application to the original unique record.

See Incremental Interface for more information.

Hybrid Interface

The Hybrid Interface allows greater flexibility in customizing the deduping process. This is done by turning the storage of the matchkeys to the developer. Through this you have the ability to select clusters of records to compare against the incoming record.

See Hybrid Interface for more information.

MatchCode Interface

The MatchCode Editor for Windows handles the task of creating and modifying matchcodes for many situations. The editor application will also run on a Linux system under WINE.

However, because MatchUp Object works across multiple platforms and not all users will have access to a Windows emulator, MatchUp Object also includes this Matchcode interface which allows the developer to programmatically retrieve the list of available matchcodes in the MatchUp Object matchcode database.

See Matchcode Interface for more information.

MatchCode Editor

The Matchcode Editor is a Windows-based application that creates and edits the matchcode file used by MatchUp Object. This program allows developers to customize copies of the original matchcodes that ship with MatchUp Object or create new matchcodes from scratch.

See MatchCode Editor for more information.