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The Matchcode Editor for Windows will handle the task of creating and modifying matchcodes for many situations. The editor application will also run on a Linux system under WINE.

However, because MatchUp Object works across multiple platforms and not all users will have access to a Windows emulator, MatchUp Object also includes an interface for creating, modifying and viewing matchcodes programmatically on any system.

The Matchcode Interface also enables applications to create and use matchcodes on the fly, if this becomes advantageous to do.

Creating matchcodes programmatically is more complicated and advanced than using the Windows GUI editor. The Windows [MatchUp Object:Matchcode Editor|Matchcode Editor]] handles error checking and enforces many of the rules described in the chapter on matchcodes, while the Matchcode Interface returns the necessary error codes to detect such problems but requires that the developer implement the necessary error handling.

Using the Matchcode Interface requires a more thorough understanding of matchcodes and how they are used by MatchUp Object. We recommend you carefully reading the section on Matchcodes before attempting to use the features of this interface.