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The Data Quality Components for SSIS can either be installed fully on-premise or as a web only install. The following sections will detail the install size, delivery method, data required, and install procedure.

Full On-Premise Install

Physical Disk or Downloadable Zip File (
Installs all necessary data files for components that have an option for On-Premise Mode.
Component Mode
Contact Verify Both (Web and Local)
IP Locator Both (Web and Local)
Global Verify Web Only
Personator Web Only
Smart Mover Web Only
Property Web Only
MatchUp Local Only
Fuzzy Match Local Only
Profiler Local Only

Web Only Install

Download Only (setup-web.exe)
Installs only the minimum set of required data files.
Component Mode
Contact Verify Web Only (Local not Available)
IP Locator Web Only (Local not Available)
Global Verify Web Only
Personator Web Only
Smart Mover Web Only
Property Web Only
MatchUp Local Only
Fuzzy Match Local Only
Profiler Local Only

Install Procedure

To install, download and run the Data Quality Components Executable.

Install File

1. Download and Run the install file.

SSIS Install Welcome.png

Click Next > to continue.

License Agreement

2. Read and accept the license agreement.

SSIS Install Agreement.png

Install Directory

3. Choose an install directory for the components.

SSIS Install Location.png

License Information

4. Enter your License Key, or continue with the install and enter your License Key later.

SSIS Install License.png

Component Selection

5. Select which components to install.

SSIS Install Components.png

Start Menu Folder

6. Choose whether or not you want a Start Menu Folder created and if so, where.

SSIS Install StartMenu.png


7. Review your installation settings and ensure that everything is as you want it.

SSIS Install Review.png


8. Wait for the components to install.

SSIS Install Progress.png


8. Once the Data Quality Components are done installing, you will be prompted to finish the setup.

SSIS Install Finish.png

You are now ready to start using the Data Quality Components for SSIS.


How to Open SSIS

1. To open SSIS please find the version of SQL Server and open SQL Server Data Tools.

SSIS NewProject Open.png

Start New Project

2. Once SSIS loads, Select New Project. Then under Business Intelligence, select integration services and start a new integration services project.

SSIS NewProject 01.png

SSIS NewProject 02.png

Data Flow Tab

3. Our components are installed in the data flow SSIS toolbox. You will need to add a data flow task in order to view the toolbox and our components. Otherwise you will not be able to see the correct toolbox in which our components are located in. Our components are only visible in Data Flow Tab. SSIS NewProject DataFlow.png