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Melissa Data's Data Quality Components for SSIS® is a collection of data cleansing services built as components for SSIS.

Data Quality Components included are Contact Verify, Fuzzy Match, Global Verify, IP Locator, MatchUp, Personator, Property, SmartMover, and Profiler components. These components offer an array of useful data cleansing options.

Component List

Melissa Data has the following components available for SSIS:

Contact Verify

Clean up contact data, removing bad or incomplete information before it invades your database and creates a negative impact on your data-driven initiatives. You’ll reduce undeliverables, increase communication efforts, and save money on all your marketing campaigns. For more information, see Contact Verify.

Fuzzy Match

The Fuzzy Match Component leverages a toolbox of state-of-the-art fuzzy matching algorithms and allows user-specified granular control on match thresholds and even fine tuning of the algorithms. For more information, see Fuzzy Match.

Global Verify

Verify and standardize mailing addresses from across the world with the flexibility and accuracy delivered by Melissa Data products. For more information, see Global Verify.

IP Locator

IP Locator returns geographic data for a given IP address. The level of detail may vary considerably. For more information, see IP Locator.


MatchUp Component is an extremely fast and powerful programmer's tool that can be integrated into custom applications to eliminate duplicate records. For more information, see MatchUp.


Personator is an all-in-one contact verification and appending Web service. It allows you to pass in names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses; simultaneously parsing them, making conservative corrections, and even appending data derived from the input. It can also leverage all of these inputs to verify whole contact records. For more information, see Personator.


Property returns information about a given parcel of property, including: assessed value; last sale price; current mortgage; physical dimensions of land; and square footage. The level of detail may vary according to location. For more information, see Property.


Enjoy the benefits of the most current address data available anytime and anywhere through SmartMover, by Melissa Data. The SmartMover Component uses the most cutting edge NCOA™ technology from the USPS. For more information, see SmartMover.


Melissa Data’s Data Profiler is a component that can be used to analyze a table’s data. This analysis provides a large number of statistics at varying levels of detail. Using these statistics, you can make educated decisions on what strategies you may need to employ to handle the data. For more information, see Profiler.